February Artist Profile on Carola Marashi

February 1, 2012

Abstract psychelic imagery by heart-artist Carola Marashi.

I just finished an interview with emerging artist Carola Marashi. Her heart-art pieces are imaginative abstracts that entice the viewer to go deeper. Some of her color pencil images hang in the realm of psychedelia. The HeartFest 2012 poster features a Carola original heart as the art. It is almost as if HeartFest was made for Carola as she is all about hearts. Our interview was a journey into the mind of the artist. The conversation took place as she created my own personal heart-portrait. To read the whole article, click the heart image or go to… http://ashland.oregon.localsguide.com/carola-marashi-hearts-abound.

Come see her and 30 more local artists and artisans at the 6th annual HeartFest 2012. This coming weekend, February 11 and 12, Saturday 10:00 am till 6:00 and Sunday 11:00 am till 5:00, at the Briscoe ArtWing, 265 North Main, Ashland, Oregon.



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